• Protecting Others Comes Before Protecting Yourself

    We Founded Charity Shield

    to Prevent Misuse of Every

    Dollar You Donate

    Give Smarter and With Confidence


    We use objective ratings to find charities you will feel good about when you donate with You + 2.


    Our team examines non-profit organization each month to uncover only-the-best managed charities.


    Many are America's best-known, while some lesser known, proven and worthy charities.


    We use this knowledge to develop an unbiased decision of which vetted, Top-10 charities to forward your donation.*


    *Our team examines non-profit organizations each month to uncover only-the-best managed charities in America.


    We are always listening to our donor community via surveys and other channels of feedback in order to select nonprofits that reflect our donor base. Each month, we select up to 10 nonprofits to support. All donations are pooled. You + 2, at its discretion, with full-transparency, may donate to several or all ten nonprofits we assemble into a portfolio.


    Due to acts of God, fire, and ransom incidences which threaten national security, we may elect to dedicate an entire month to disaster relief.

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