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    Donors are the real heroes in all fundraising stories


    It's Inhumane and Costly

    Homelessness in the nation increased by 0.3 percent in 2018. On a single night in 2018, 552,830 people were identified as experiencing homelessness. We cannot overstate the importance of this challenge for housing; likewise, the importance of each dollar donated is of equal importance.


    Guide Dogs

    A Guide Dog requires 251 volunteers and $60,000 from training, to service, till death

    A portion of your donation goes to directly assist the expensive training and healthy life of Guide Dogs. You + 2 sponsors puppies; names puppies; receives portraits and wallet photos; puppy profiles and updates.


    Only 10% of legally blind persons ever have a wonderful experience of bonding with and trusting a Guide Dog. A Guide Dog requires 251 volunteers and $60,000 from training, to service, till death.


    As a team, we watch them grow and graduate.


    Help Close the Gap With Your Donation

    In this great nation of ours, there are men working full time, but sleeping in a storage unit; people selling blood plasma to buy a toy for their children; young children sleeping overnight at daycare while their parents work a night shift. As partners, we can help close the gap.


    Supporting Member Habitat for Humanity

    Pet Adoption

    Your donation helps to:

    • Save homeless pets from a short and desperate life
    • Transform animal welfare by proving that the NO-Kill model works
    • Prevent pet overpopulation 
    • Raise awareness that senior pets often make the best pets, and that "rescued" pets are not "damaged" pets


    Education is the backbone of a successful society. Every human being should have the right, privilege , an opportunity to get the best education possible. Unfortunately, in our country, this is often not a reality for far too many. Changing the social infrastructure is an enormous endeavor requiring manpower, money, and agreement among opposite ends of the political spectrum.


    It also requires YOU + 2 donations.

    Supporting No-Kill Shelters

    There is a growing segment of society that is expressing deeply held values and beliefs by focusing their search for a companion animal for adoption from No-Kill Shelters.


    The bottom line is cats and dogs deserve joy and life. When we join arms with you, we are a determined voice for all animals to live out full lives in the safety and comfort of a loving home.


    Proud Member Best Friends, Save Them All

    Shelter Animals Count National Coalition Member


    We are dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes to individuals and their friends and families.


    We believe recovery from substance abuse is possible. We seek out recovery charities that work tirelessly to educate, advocate and raise funds to provide programs that help those struggling in addiction get the fresh start they deserve as recovering people.


    Together, we take on the tragic grip of addiction.

    Foster Children

    With your help, we support strong, nurturing communities that are supportive of families can get involved and play a role in fostering children.


    You + 2 is strongly focused on preventing child abuse and neglect, parental mental illness, substance use, divorce, incarceration, and domestic violence.

    Stop Childhood Cancer

    The treatments for pediatric cancer can last up to three years or more and cost on average $425,000, including housing, travel, and food.


    While progress in the field of life-threatening diseases for children has made dramatic advances, 1-in-5 children in the U.S. who are diagnosed with cancer will not survive.


    This is a cause every human should have an open-heart to. You + 2 is especially proud to put this cause front and center.

    Our Veterans

    Any Act of Appreciation for a Soldier Tops Our List

    "It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle." --H. Norman Schwarzkopf


    You + 2 strives to support those who sacrificed to defend the United States: active duty, veterans, first responders, and their families.


    With your donation and fundraising efforts, we achieve our mission through a number of programs we select that express the highest gratitude for our American heroes through financial assistance, homes, therapy, entertainment, family support, transition, disabilities and much more.

    Homeless Children

    1 in 45: America’s Homeless Children

    1.2 Million Under 6 Including Infants

    1.3 Million K-12 - 4.2 Million 13+


    If you believe that children are the future of our country, then you should be concerned because these homeless children have gradually become a prominent part of a third world that is emerging in our own backyards. Kids Talk Homelessness


    We are a proud member of StandUP for Kids




    Mental Illness

    You + 2 digs deep to identify only the best-rated mental illness and suicide prevention charities where your dollars will be put to good use.


    Our selections received top ratings for their extremely high levels of accountability and transparency for donors, how well they have sustained their programs, and the high percentage of their revenue spent on programs and services rather than administrative or fundraising costs.


    With Your Help, You + 2 Provides Specially-Designed Laptops for Vets Missing Hands and Arms

    - An Extra Good Use of Your Donation-


    Voice-controlled laptops, which are operated by speaking into a microphone or using other adaptive technologies. They allow wounded veterans to maintain connections with the rest of the world during recovery.


    It's impossible to put a price on this use of technology to keep the world within reach for our soldiers.



    Suicide Prevention &

    Mental Illness

    Suicide rates have sharply increased by nearly 25% in the last two decades (Source CDC)


    Unfortunately, all too often it takes the death of a recognized person to keep suicide on the public's radar. Designer Kate Spade and TV personality Anthony Bourdain are recent examples.


    In the United States, suicide now claims more lives than automobile accidents each year and some leaders in the mental health field believe that our deteriorating mental health care system is partially to blame.


    At You + 2, we believe we have a responsibility to elevate the voices of effective organizations that are advocating for and providing support and education to individuals and families that are experiencing mental illness.


    There are never enough voices. This worthy cause and we need You + 2 friends to help us support this serious issue.



    The +2 Helping Hand

    Assisting Our Donors Handle the Stress of a Financial Crisis


    We are here to touch lives- and that includes you!


    When that moment comes when you realize that you need help- to make major changes in your life.


    We are here for our donors. If possible, we will do all that we can to free you from crisis and hardships.


    We review each help request, case by case, and determine whether or not we can be of assistance based on our findings.


    Sponsored Scholarships

    Veterinary Technology

    You + 2 sponsors scholarships to individuals who are interested in pursuing an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology, sheltering/welfare, clinic management, or grooming.


    This program is close to our heart and we look forward to seeing scholarship recipients graduate and follow their compassionate heart.


    Donors and family members only.

    Public Service Advertising & Donor Acquistion

    90% of the Public Discuss Topics Orgininating From Friends


    Our Public Awareness Advertising steers the public towards the causes we both believe in. We encourage the public-at-large to donate at the links we promote and to also inquire further about how they can join our mission and supported causes.


    The team at You + 2 cut its teeth on advertising 35- years ago and earned a stellar reputation as the #2 advertising and lead generation company in America for the home-based business industry.


    Interested inquiries will be directed to Qualified Campaign Leaders by zip code. You never work alone in You + 2, and you will never raise charitable donations without our support.

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